Chronic Lyme Resources
You're not alone...


I am a Lyme patient. Better known lovingly, as a "Lymie". As far as my credentials go for providing information: I was a nurse when I was younger. So I have some medical background...but am not trying to sound like any of this information should replace seeing a Doctor, or that I know it all. I am constantly and consistantly learning new information about this baffeling disease. I use lots of different resources to pass on the information to you. Hopefully I can help you navigate through the information and political/medical controversaries, to make you knowledgeable about this insidious disease of Lyme. Lyme Disease is known as "The Great Imitator", because it resembles many other illnesses and is commonly misdiagnosed as something else

I was diagnosed with ME (Chronic Fatigue Symdrome -CFIDS) and have been through hell and back after being undiagnosed for Lymes in the last 22 years. I have tried several different treatments over the years and none of them helped, until I started to get treated for Lymes. My life has definately changed for the better and has enabled me to have the energy and mental capacity, to build this website. I decided early on, after being diagnosed and feeling completely overwhelmed with all of the information and controversy, that I wanted to build a website to help others who are at any stage of treatment or discovery of Lymes. There's so much information that it can be hard to obtain, especially if you feel sick. So, my intention is primarily to be helpful and to provide resources for all different aspects of diagnosis, treatment and how to live daily with Lymes Disease. Please take the information you like and leave the rest.  Also, please search out a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) for diagnosis and treatment. 

I can tell you from experience (even though I'm not an MD), that Lyme can be CHRONIC. There are millions of us who have been undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for the better parts of our lives, and this is 2015!!! I went through this same senario 20 years ago when the medical community didn't believe in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Now they do, but some of us suffored greatly because of the ignorance and lack of interest by Medical and Holistic Doctors. Many Doctors still to this day don't believe that Lyme can be a chronic disease. Sadly,  around 300,000 NEW cases are reported yearly. Since 50% of Lymies never got a rash or knew they'd been bitten by a tick, this statistic doesn't come close to the number of people suffering with it who go undiagnosed. It is an EPIDEMIC! For I am just one person. I do believe that at some point, the entire medical profession will believe in this as a legitimate "chronic" disease, and that medical insurance companies will begin to pay for the treatments. At this point in time, it unfortunitely hasn't happened yet.

Best Wishes,